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ASTM A29/A29M - 91 1045 SAE 1045 UNS G 10450 Chemical Composition Min. % Max. % Carbon 0.43 0.50 Silicon 0.10 0.35 Manganese 0.60 0.90 Typical Mechanical Properties - Hot Rolled Condition Tensile Strength Mpa 570 - 700 Yield Strength Mpa 300 - 450 Elongation in 50mm % 14 - 30 4135 Steel ASTM A29/A29M AISI/SAE Alloy structural steelRelated Specifications ASTM A29/A29M DIN EN 10083/3 JIS G4053 GB GB/T 3077. Form of Supply. AISI 4135 Alloy steel, we can supply the round bar, steel flat bar, plate, hexagonal steel bar and steel square block. AISI 4135 steel Round bar can be sawn to your required lengths as one offs or multiple cut pieces. 4135 alloy steel Rectangular pieces

4140 Steel Bar AISI A29 1.7225 42CrMo4 SCM440 - Otai

AISI 4140 steel bar is widely used as tool steel in industrial applications. And we are professional astm 4140 steel alloy supplier, stockist and exporter. ASTM 5140 Steel, Datasheet, Properties, Cross-Reference Alloy steels:5140 standards:ASTM A29 / A29M-04 "characteristics and application:ASTM5140 is the most commonly used alloy steels, tensile strength, yield strength and its quench-hardening ability are better than no. 40 steel is high, but the weldability Co., LTD, have formed the tendency of crack. ASTM 52100 Bearing Steel 100Cr6 SUJ2 EN31 - Otai ASTM 52100 bearing steel, 100Cr6/1.3505, SUJ2, 535A99/EN31 chromium bearing steel detailed chemical composition, mechanical properties and heat treatment.

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1. ASTM A29 1018 standard applies to manufacture of bearing ring steel pipe rolling elements ASTM A729 / A729M - 17 Standard Specification for Carbon Conformance to mechanical property requirements such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and reduction of area, shall be evaluated by tensile tests. Details of nondestructive ultrasonic and magnetic particle examination procedures are discussed thoroughly. ASTM Standards. A29/A29M Specification for General Requirements for General Material SpecificationsMild Steel 61,000psi Minimum Ultimate, 49,000 psi Minimum Yield Thread Diameter META 1 (sq. in.) Yield Load² (lbs.) at 49,000 psi Ultimate Tensile Load (lbs) at 61,000 psi Yield Torque 2 (ft-lbs) at 49,000 psi Ultimate Torque (ft-lbs) at 61,000 psi Shear Strength (75% of Tensile Strength) 10-24 UNC 0.0174 853 1,061 2.7 3.4 796

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Yield Strength:55, 000 psi. Hardness:Rockwell B85 (Medium) Heat Treatable:Yes. Max. Hardness After Heat Treatment:Rockwell C60. Specifications Met:ASTM A108, ASTM A29. While the low carbon content makes 8620 alloy steel easy-to- weld, it's the nickel, chromium, and molybdenum content that provides wear resistance. SAE AISI 4340 Steel Properties, Heat Treatment, Equivalent SAE AISI 4340 Steel (UNS G43400) AISI 4340 steel (UNS G43400) is an ultra-high strength medium carbon low alloy steel, which combines deep hardenability, high ductility, toughness and strength, and has high fatigue resistance and creep resistance.ASTM A29 5115 ASTM A29/A29M - BBN STEEL STORESIntroduction of mechanical properties ASTM A29 5115 ASTM A29/A29M Yield points When the stress of ASTM A29 5115 ASTM A29/A29M or specimen exceeds the elastic limit in tension, even if the stress does not increase, the ASTM A29 5115 ASTM A29/A29M or specimen will continue to undergo obvious plastic deformation. This phenomenon is called yielding, and the minimum stress value when