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We can assure you that whatever product you may need gold plated, we will do so with the highest quality standards and certifications.These plating certificates allow Accurate Precision Plating gold plates all mediums to the ASTM B488 standards, and in all types (Type I, II, and III) and Grade A-D. ASTM B488 PDF - Cosme CCMay 27, 2020 · ASTM B488 Gold Plating Standard Users of this standard are ely advised that determination of the validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, are entirely their own responsibility. Call today to see how we can solve your plating challenges.

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24Karat Gold Plating Deposit for Engineering & Industrial Applications ASTM B488 SAE AMS-2422 Mil-G-45204 Mil-DTL-45204 FAST! 2 3 Days Turn-Around Same Day & Next Day Expedited Service Available! GPT is the preferred choice when it comes to High Quality Gold Plating Services for Engineering and Industrial Applications. Gold Plating Metal Finishing Services Williams Plating Type, code and class for ASTM B488 Any specific gold alloying requirements Type and nature of the substrate base metal (i.e., high strength steel will tell us that it is susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement and may require post-plate baking) Plating thickness range and possibly where is the most important surface location of desired thickness Gold Plating Services - Mid Atlantic Finishing Corp ASTM B488-01; MIL-G-45204; AMS 2422; Note:ASTM B488 underwent a major revision from 1995 to 2001. The Type callout of the ASTM was revised to parallel that of MIL-G-45204 such that the Type and Codes of the ASTM and MIL specs are synonymous.

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TWR Service Corporation's 24K gold plating process produces a hard, abrasion-resistant and wear-resistant coating. Gold plating has a bright mirror finish which can be used for both decorative gold plating and electronic gold plating applications where a hard deposit is required. ASTM B488 MIL-G-45204 :Substrates:Aluminum Brass Copper Home - Arizona PlatingMid-phos and high-phos electroless nickel plating that meets the requirements of MIL-C-26074, AMS-C-26074, ASTM B733 and AMS 2404. Meets the requirements of AMS 2418. Gold Plating. Meets the requirements of MIL-G-45204, MIL-DTL-45204, ASTM B488 and AMS 2422. Meets specifications ASTM B545 and ISO 2093. About. With our state of the art Services/Finishes Gold Plating ServicesMIL-G-45204, AMS 2422 and ASTM B488. Gold plating is the electro-chemical process of depositing a thin layer of gold on metal. Gold can be plated directly on a base metal or it can be applied over an undercoating such as nickel to improve adhesion of the gold itself. The purpose for gold plating includes conductivity, decoration, corrosion protection and reflectivity.

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Gold Plating Services Elkem is an industry leading wire supplier of functional gold plating services to ASTM B488 and MIL-G-45204. Our fifty years of metallurgical expertise in providing precision plated wire is currently present in numerous industries including the