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  • OverviewReviewsHOME-FLEX Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing or CSST is great for installation of gas appliances. CSST easily snakes into attic and basements areas, around corners and bends, and through walls. Much easier to work than steel pipe, uses fewer fittings, and weighs a lot less too.Corrugated Gas Pipe - CSST Range - Gas Fittings - Tube Corrugated Gas Pipe . Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing. Lightweight and Flexible - a speedy, cost effective pipework solution for all natural gas or LPG installations. Fully flexible for quick installation. Lightweight for easy handling. Less fittings required. CSST BONDING INFORMATION - Cranford NJCorrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) gas piping systems shall be bonded to the electrical service grounding electrode system at the point where the gas service enters the boiling. The bonding jumper shall be not smaller than 6 AWG copper wire or equivalent.

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    CSST Grounding - Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing Grounding If you find CSST in your home or business, it is strongly recommended that you determine if the CSST system is properly bonded and grounded. In order to reduce the chances of a natural gas leak or fire a Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) - The New Gas LineApr 06, 2010 · Update 1/13/17:For the latest information on CSST bonding, check out my latest blog post on the topic:CSST Bonding Several months ago I wrote a blog about how great PEX tubing is, and today Im going to discuss the equivalent for gas piping Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing, which is commonly referred to as CSST. This is a product that can be used for the distribution of natural or LP Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) Gas Pipe - Home Nov 09, 2013 · Corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) gas piping systems shall be bonded to the electrical service grounding electrode system. The bonding jumper shall connect to a metallic pipe or fitting between the point of delivery and the first downstream CSST fitting.

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    Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) is a thin-walled metallic tubing product that can be used as alternative gas piping material to steel pipe. CSST may have been used in your structure if it was built after 1990, or its gas piping system has been replaced or modified since then. Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing Mass.govFeb 04, 2009 · Using a bonding jumper with CSST falls outside the scope of plumbing and gas fitting, therefore plumbers cannot be required or otherwise held responsible for adhering to manufacturer's instructions regarding such bonding (be it direct or other types covered by the electrical code). DESIGN AND INSTALLATION GUIDE - Gastite Flexible Gas 1 PROPERLY BONDINGandgrounding the Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) system may reduce the risk of damage and re from a lightning strike. Lightning is a highly destructive force. Even a nearby lightning strike that does not strike a structure directly can cause systems in the structure to become electrically energized.

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    CSST fitting located downstream of the utility gas meter or second-stage LP regulator. The bonding clamp attachment point may be at any location within the gas piping system. However, the shortest practical bonding wire length will improve the effectiveness of the direct-bond. The corrugated stainless steel tubing portion of the gas Do you have CSST Gas Piping? Check for Bonding. - Aug 28, 2012 · The most common issues that home inspectors find with CSST is a system that hasn't been properly bonded. If you own a newer home or you've recently had gas lines added to your home, there's a good possibility that Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing, or CSST, was used. Electrical Bonding ProFlex CSSTAdditional information on bonding of Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) Download. tubing enables installers to reduce installation time and to eliminate the equipment needed to install gas piping in new or existing construction. Customer Service & Technical Support. 765

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    CSST flexible gas piping must be bonded to reduce the risk of damage due to a lightning strike on the home. The most common issue that home inspectors find is the CSST system is not being properly bonded. You can see that the bonding clamp is over the yellow sheathing which will not enable a proper bond. Texas Gas Service - Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST)Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) Some homes or businesses have internal natural gas piping called Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST). CSST is a yellow or black coated, flexible stainless steel pipe that delivers natural gas inside your home to your appliances. WARDFlex - WARDMFGThe WARDFlex® corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) system revolutionized the gas plumbing industry with a time- and cost-saving solution to the inherent problems of rigid steel pipe

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    Apr 12, 2020 · CSST Pipe CSST tubing, or corrugated chrome steel tubing, is nice for putting in fuel home equipment. These corrugated pipes can bend round corners decreasing the number of joints and fittings. Certification by way of manufacturer is beneficial Whose Job Is It to Bond Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing Oct 22, 2012 · All gas piping materials, equipment, and systems are prone to damage from lightning strikes though this is a rare occurrence. However, because of its thinner wall, yellow-jacketed corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) is more susceptible to damage from direct and indirect strikes. The damage consists of an arc-induced perforation through the tubing wall created from a voltage imbalance between the CSST