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10" x 12" AR500 Steel Armor®- NIJ Level III+ Lightweight

Description AR500 Armor Lightweight Level III+ Body Armor plates are currently the lightest Level III steel core body armor on the market. This version of the Advanced Shooters Cut (ASC) is the patented, full-sized coverage as opposed to the Advanced Lightweight Shooters Cut (ALSC) that has a deeper cut in the shape around the corners. 2x NIJ CERTIFIED HARD ARMOR PLATE LEVEL III SA SET - Ace Ace Link Armor level III Hard Plates been found compliant with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for ballistic resistance. Lightweight, versatile yet firm and durable. This Armor will stop multiple rifle rounds and weights only 3.50lbsthat is 7 lbs for front and back protection!


Our Level III (NIJ IIIA -Handgun 2-) armor is designed to withstand multiple 9mm submachine rounds. The majority of the vehicles that we armor are at this level of protection. *The total weight of the vehicle increases 500 LBS Ballistic Certificate NTS NIJ IIIA 9mm Best Body Armor 2021 [Top Picks - My Bulletproof GearIt is also level III rifle resistant. The plate only weights 1lb! It is NIJ certified and will give you level III protection which can stop 6 steel jacketed rounds shot from a 7.62mm M80 with a velocity of 2780 ft per second. The plate is made from the lightweight polyethylene, which you will find elsewhere on the market for double this price. Bullet Proof Products for Personal Protection Safe Place Supplied to meet NIJ Level III or higher threat requirements, this mobile/mountable solution is constructed with proprietary ballistic technology, and fortified with military grade ballistic armor. The large surface will resist multiple bullets from handguns to assault rifles and its multi-hit capabilities never degrade over time.

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Bullet proof vest NIJ level III Steel armor plates - $500 QR Code Link to This Post. This is a custom high quality ballistic vest. It has two NIJ rated plates one in front thats flat and one in the back that is a custom bent plate for back comfort. It weighs 10+ pounds. Heavy rated. First level of ballistic that can stop a rifle shot BulletSafe Ultralight Ballistic Plate Level III 3.3 The BulletSafe Alpha Plate is an ultralight, Level III plate. It offers NIJ 0101.06 Level III protection at 3.3lbs and $249. It is the best-value, ultralight, rifle-resistant plate on the market. If you want ultra light armor plate at an affordable price, BulletSafe is for you. 10"x12", Free Shipping. Bulletproof steel plate - Shandong Dajin Metal Material Co China Bulletproof steel plate catalog of PRO500 Bulletproof Steel Plate Aromr Alloy Plate, Ballistic Armour Plate PRO500 Bulletproof Steel Plate provided by China manufacturer - Shandong Dajin Metal Material Co., Ltd., page1.

Bulletproof-it Body Armor Stand Alone Ballistic Plate

The Bulletproof-it Body Armor Stand Alone Ballistic Plate Level III + Shooters Cut Single Curve Spall Coating 10"x12" Star 647 Steel is the lightest Level III+ Steel armor plate available on the market. These Star 647 Plates weigh only 6.3 pounds each. At only 5mm thick, this is the thinnest steel Buta Armor Ballistic vests manufacturer in AzerbaijanHard Armor ballistic systems:ballistic plates. Materials:UHMWPE; Ceramic + HPPE/Aramid; Laminated Aramid; Steel; Buta Armor offers upgraded hard armor solutions to stop 5,56-mm bullet with steel penetrator from cartridge 5,56×45 NATO designation SS-109 or US M855, not covered by the standard NIJ Level III protection solutions. Duritium® III+PA - Level III+ Body Armor Advanced Duritium® III+PA Body Armor Plates This is the worlds fastest stand-alone rifle plate. At just .7 thick and only 2.7 lbs., youll hardly even know its there. Protection Type/Level:Level III+. Compliance Tested:U.S. NIJ Level III 0101.06; NATO STANAG 2920 Level

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NIJ level III plates vs NIJ level IV plates Level 3 (III) plates should be tested during specific conditions, tested with a 7.62 mm FMJ, steel jacketed bullet. (US M80), with a mass of 9.6g (147 gr) and at a speed of 847 m/s +- 9.1 m/s (2780 ft/s +- 30 ft/s). Level III Steel Plates International Armor#IA0035 International Armors Steel plates are capable of stopping multiple hits from 7.62mm X 51 mm (.308 caliber) FMJ and lesser threats such as AK-47/Kalashnikov 7.62 X 39 mm (FMJ). With such protection and at 30% less the weight than our competitors steel hard armor plates, our Steel Hard Armo Level III body armor NIJ III STAND ALONE-PE+Aluminium Our STAND ALONE-PE+Aluminium level III body armor could meet the NIJ0101.06 Level III standard. As a result it could stop bullet 7.62mm FMJ Steel Jacket, M80; 9.6g (147gr); 847m/s ± 9.1m/s (2780ft/s ± 30ft/s. Super cost-effective rifle-level bulletproof plate. It is produced from our own production lines with a

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Jul 23, 2018 · Level III. With the jump to the level III rating, armor is now able to handle small-caliber rifle roundslike a 7.62mm bullet fired from an AK-47 or SKS rifle. Its important to note that armor with level III protection comes equipped with solid ballistic plates, which also significantly increases the NIJ Certified Body Armor Spartan Armor SystemsNIJ Level I rated soft body armor can defeat low caliber threats, such as .22 caliber LR LRN and .380 ACP FMJ RN. NIJ Level IIA body armor can withstand a few more low caliber threats, including 9 mm FMJ RN and 40 S&W FMJ. NIJ Level II body armor can defeat up to 9mm FMJ RN and .357 Mag JSP. Polyethylene UHMW Body Armor Plates 10x12 Threat Level Level III Polyethylene Body Armor weighs is 3,99 lbs per plate in 10 x 12 standard shooters cut. This plate has been tested according to NIJ 0101.06 standards, positive buoyancy, stand

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ballistic insert plate aluminium oxide pe level nij iv a prueba de balas kogelvr; hmpe ceramic nij iii iv bulletproof ballistic plate tyz; inventory food grade steel 316 chian mail ring protect; rubber material molded corner guard 90 wall protectors medium duty 31l; 30 25cm size weight standard sta bulletproof ballistic Video:BULLETPROOF-IT NIJ Certified Level III+ Steel Plate Sep 25, 2020 · Watch this short video on BULLETPROOF-IT's Star 647 NIJ Certified Level III+ Steel Plate range shoot. Improve the safety and effectiveness of your agency and officers with an online training solution from PoliceOne Academy. Video:BULLETPROOF-IT NIJ Level III+ Star 647 Steel PlateSep 25, 2020 · Watch BULLETPROOF-IT NIJ Level III+ Star 647 Steel Plate and other Ballistic Shields videos on Police1. Watch BULLETPROOF-IT NIJ Level III+ Star 647 Steel Plate and other Ballistic Shields videos on Police1. Video:WATCH LE Engage in VirTra De-Escalation Training Safariland Debuts Enhanced Tactical Armor Systems.

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Oct 29, 2020 · NIJ-III flexible ballistic body armor tested as both new and conditioned must resist 147g 7.62mm FMJ steel-jacketed projectiles with a velocity of 2780 fps. If plate inserts and flexible armor are designed to be worn together, they must be tested together as one system and clearly labeled as such.Steel Ballistic Armor Plate,Level Nij Iii - Buy Steel Steel Bulletproof Plate, suitable for military training and bulletproof vest inserting. Thickness:2.3mm/4.5mm/6mm 1) 2.3mm , weight at 1.4kg , anti bullet speed at 520m/s .