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The sliding gate system for steel ladles consists of a mechanical assembly containing the refractory plates, this connects to a ladle shroud and this arrangement channels the steel flow and 1213K slide gate plates for ladle - fynbosfarm.zachina ladle slide gate plate china refractory ladle. slide gate plate for ladle description the sliding gate plates are divided into upper and lower slide gate meet the needs of continuous casting and reducing steel making costs for steel plant, we have developed unburned slide gate series products unburned al c slide plate, which adopts tabular corundum and high pure graphite, adds

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Jul 01, 1989 · Teeming of steel from ladles with slide gates (a subject collection), Stal', No. 1, 3141 (1981). 2. Ya. A. Orlovskii, Refractories for Slide Gates Abroad:E Information (Ferrous Metallurgy. China Ladle Slide Gate Plate for Steel Making - China China Ladle Slide Gate Plate for Steel Making, Find details about China Slide Gate Plate, Ladle Slide Gate from Ladle Slide Gate Plate for Steel Making - Jinan Linquan Import and Export Co., Ltd. Corrosion of refractory alumina plates used in the sliding The plate is part of the steelmaking ladle slide gate system, therefore its lifespan extension and integrity are of concern. Post mortem plates with slag adhered on


Clean steel with the Ladle Sliding Gate Valve Model FT3 GT The FT3 GT is designed for customers with high demands for the quality of steel. The 3 plate sliding gate system forms a closed housing with high-temperature- resistant seals, into which inert gas can be injected at appropriate points. This shields the system against air ingress. Improving Steel Flow through MaterialsLadle Slide Gate Materials Utilising Vesuvius high performance materials and engineered design solutions, our products can reduce ladle turn-around time and enable more effi cient ladle management, which will reduce overall ladle refractory, labour and energy costs. Plates Interaction between Calcium and Al2O3-ZrO2-C Slide Gate Jul 01, 2012 · In ladle service, slide gate plates are exposed to sudden thermal shock, physical abrasion by molten steel, as well as physical and chemical corrosion by molten steel and slag. Therefore, these pieces must have resistance to both thermal shock and corrosion [2] . One of the recent tendencies among slide gate plate damages is the increase of

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Ladle Sliding gate plate. o. Materials have high resistance to erosion. oxidation and spalling. o. Cracks are prevented by the hot banding of thicks . steel around the plate. o. Cracks and oxidation are prevented by the metal. case of thicks steel. around the nozzle. LADLE SLIDE GATE BASED ON FLO-CON » KNÖLLINGER FLO 3 Plate System Model XX17.3. Based on Model 4217 / 6317. Stroke:130 / 152 mm Height:Standard-Height + 30 mm Clamping of the Mechanism:hydraulic LS50 LS70 slide gate plates for ladle, View slide gate Feb 04, 2020 · Serial Products of Ladle Slide Gates:Alumina-carbon, alumina-zirconia-carbon, magnesia-alumina-spinel slide gate plates and corundum, alumina-carbon, mullite,magnesia-alumina-spinel upper and down slide nozzles are made of quality materials with phenolic resin binder through pitch impregnation in vacuum and mid temperature treatment.

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Slide gate plate widely used in large ladle, middle ladle and small ladle to fit for high quality steel casting. And including Alumina carbon and Alumina Zirconia Carbon slide gate plate, MgO and MgO-spinel slide gate plate, nonoxides bonding slide gate, plateand unburned slide gate plate. Features. 1. Tundish Slide Gate Plate. 2. Ladle Slide Gate - Refractory Products - Changxing RefractoryLadle Slide Gate Introduction:Made by using sintered alumina and mullite as raw material, add in some of the carbon matrix components and anti-oxidant(such as aluminum, silicon metal, SiC, B4C, Mg-B and so on), adding binder pitch or phenolic resin mixed with coal Nerishige type, fired in a reducing atmosphere to form alumina oxide carbon refractories sliding gate plate.Slide plates fired at Ladle Slide Gate Plate and Nozzle Refractory Slide Gate Ladle Slide Gate Plate and Nozzle Refractory Slide Gate Plate. High strength, good corrosion and thermal shock resistance. Alumina-carbon slide gate plate is characterized by high strength, erosion resistance and good thermal shock resistance. They are preferred products for large/middle ladle and continuous casting tundish.

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Pressing from the bauxite, alumina powder, graphite, etc, our alumina carbon slide gate plates have following advantage:high strength, good erosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance. They are widely used for large/middle ladle and continuous casting tundish, could Quality Slide Gate Plate & Ladle Slide Gate factory from China4-8 Sliding Times Ladle Slide Gate With D55 Zirconia Insert Spalling Resistance; 10mm Slide Gate Plate Embedded In Al2O3 Body , Zirconia Slide Plate In Ladle; D25mm 1qc Slide Gate Plate Not Less Than 95% Zro2 Content Strong Chemical Stability; Ring Shape Zirconia Insert for Slide Gate Plate Slide Gate Plate - Rongsheng RefractoryAlumina carbon slide gate plates are most often used slide gate bricks. The raw materials of slide gate plate are alumina, carbon, additives, binders and so on. Slide gate plates work in strong thermal shock, severe molten steel liquid corrosion and washing out environment, so they should have good hot mechanical strength, excellent corrosion

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We have a comprehensive range of Slide Gate refractory products of all grades and shapes according to the need of refractories requirements of core sector industries. The models are equivalent to o Saflow Slide Plate o 1QC Slide Plate o 2QC Slide Plate o 4200 Slide Plate o 6300 Slide Plate o New Generation Slide Plate Verlag Stahleisen GmbH, D-Düsseldorf New generation ladle slide gate The FF series ladle slide gate is a two-plate linear, hydraulically driven gate. The gate valves are designed for small, medium and large capacity ladles. The characteristic features of the FF ladle slide gate are as follows:- safety and reliability, - simplicity and robustness, - higher stroke length, - automatic face pressure loading, ladle slide gate nozzle, ladle slide gate nozzle Suppliers offers 2,012 ladle slide gate nozzle products. A wide variety of ladle slide gate nozzle options are available to you,

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Nov 30, 2016 · CS60 ladle sliding gate refractories CS60 ladle sliding gate refractories,US $ 3 50 / Piece, LQ ladle and tundish slide gate plate refractory . Ladle slide plate with Al-Zr-C material .Different Types of Ladle Slide Gate PlatesDec 30, 2020 · 1. High aluminum slide gate plate. Disadvantages:(1) Poor corrosion resistance, serious erosion of sliding surface and sprue. (2) Poor thermal shock stability and easy to crack during use.