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Also suitable for joining stainless chromium steels with chromium content up to 18% and overlay welding of mild steels and low-alloy steels. AWS A5.9:ER(307)Mod is similar to ER 307 type with increased manganese content ( 7.0%), reducing the risk for hot cracking. AWS A5.9:ER308LSi Stainless welding wire FOR MIG/MAG Product AWS A5.9:ER308LSi is a solid wire electrode for GMAW with higher Si content than BA-MIG 308L, suitable for welding 18% Cr 10% Ni austenitic stainless steels 1.4301, 1.4306 type 304, 304L. Suitable for service temperature from-196 °C to +350 °C.

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AWS ER308L, AWS ER44-G, AWS ER316, AWS ER308, AWS ER49-1, AWS ER70S-3, AWS ER70S-4, AWS ER70S-6, AWS ER70S-G, AWS ER90S-G, AWS ER100S-G, AWS ER110S-G. Gas shielded welding wire is a kind of welding wire, also called Mag/Mig welding wire which is matched with CO2 gas or Arc gas in welding. Alloy ER 309 / ER 309LMo Stainless Steel ER 309/ ER 309LMoAlloy ER 309/309LMo is a Stainless Steel TIG, MIG and SUB-ARC wire used for welding. For all stock availability contact Sales. Specifications AWS 5.9 ASME SFA 5.9 AWS ER 309/309LMo UNS S30986. Return to Main Welding Page American Welding SocietyThe American Welding Society (AWS) was founded in 1919, as a nonprofit organization with a global mission to advance the science, technology and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes, including brazing, soldering and thermal spraying. AWS strives to move the industry forward in both thought and action, as well as inspire new generations to see the exciting career

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Main Application BA-MIG 307Si is a solid wire electrode for GMAW, intended for welding work-hardenable steels, armor steel and austenitic stainless manganese steels. Also suitable for joining stainless chromium steels with chromium content up to 18% and overlay welding China Stainless Steel Welding Wire (AWS A5.9 ER-308) MIG Welding, Wire, Welding Wire manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Stainless Steel Welding Wire (AWS A5.9 ER-308) MIG, Flux Cored Welding Wire E71t-1, Er4043 Aluminum Alloy Welding Wire ER309LSI - Weld WireWeld WireConforms to Certification:AWS A5.9 ASME SFA A5.9 Weld Process Used for Mig (GMAW) & Submerged Arc (SAW) AWS Chemical Composition Requirements C = 0.03 max Cr = 23.0

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Available Sizes.023 X 11#, 33#.035 X 11#, 33#.045 X 11#, 33# & 60# Coils. Application Type ER70S-3 is a welding wire for tig and mig welding applications. ER70S-7 - Welding Material SalesER70S7 is a general purpose MIG wire suitable for many carbon steel welding applications but with substantially greater manganese content than ER70S-3 welding alloy, the higher manganese provides slightly better wetting and weld appearance with slightly higher tensile and yield strengths as well. These combined properties permit increased speed when compared to S-3 product. KOBELCO WELDING CONSUMABLESSAW flux-wire combinations, AC is recommended. Electric polarity can affect the usability of welding consumables and the chemical composition and mechanical properties of weld metals; therefore, it is recommended to confirm the performance of the consumable you selected, using the polarity of a power source available for a particular job. 3.

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LNM 307, from Lincoln Electric is a solid wire for welding steel with difficult weldability LNM 307 We use cookies to help our website work more effectively and efficiently, and to align our services and advertisements to your needs. LNS 307 - lincolnelectricLNS 307 from Lincoln Electric is a stainless steel wire for high manganese content base materials, difficult-to-weld steels such as armour plates, and dissimilar joints LNS 307 We use cookies to help our website work more effectively and efficiently, and to align our services and advertisements to your needs. MIG & Flux-Cored Welding Wire - Cyberweld16 lb. Spool - Harris® ER4043 .035 diameter Aluminum MIG welding wire is qualified to AWS A5.10 ER4043. It is most often used to weld the 6XXX series of alloys. Harris ER4043 3/64 Aluminum MIG Welding Wire - 16# spool 0404327. Mfg Industrial Price:$131.52 Cyberweld Price:$90.30.

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MIG TIG Welding Wire Price , Harris 0% Silver Bcup-2 Brazing Rod , Er4043 Er5356 Aluminum Welding Wire , Er4047 Er5183 Aluminum Welding Wire , Er308L Er309 Er316 (AWS ER-307) TIG Stainless Steel Welding Wires From China Manufacturer (AWS ER-307) Nickel Aluminum Bronze Welding Wire AWS A5.7 / ER AWS A5.7 / ER CuNiAl. Product:Diameter:0.035 in 0.9 mm:0.045 in 1.2 mm:0.062 in 1.6 mm:3/32 in 2.4 mm:1/8 in 3.2 mm:36 in BARE (914 mm) 30-lb SPOOLS (13.6 Kg) WWW MANG-NICKEL BRONZE WELD. ER CuMnNiAl is used in applications that require resistance to cavitation, erosion, and corrosion. This alloy is also used to join or repair high Oliver Welding Electrodes and Welding WireWire ER 307 is recommended for overlaying welding of buffer layer on the surface before overlaying welding of the solid layer. Deposited metal is solid after peening, it has good resistance against pore formation, thermal resistance and scale resistance up 850 0 .

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Self peeling slag from a weld made with Arcos E309L. in the past. Prior to the 1992 revision of AWS 5.4, there was no -17 classification. a -17 covering tend to produce more of a spray arc and a finer rippled weld-bead surface than do those with the -16 coverings. The slower freezing slag of the -17 covering also permits improved WELDING GUIDEBöhler Schweißtechnik Austria GmbH Böhler-Welding-St. 1 8605 Kapfenberg / AUSTRIA +43 (0) 3862-301-0 +43 (0) 3862-301-95193 [email protected] Welding ConsumablesWire Electrodes - AWS Dec 09, 2016 · Welding ConsumablesWire Electrodes, Strip Electrodes, Wires, and Rods for Arc Welding of Stainless and Heat Resisting SteelsClassification 9th Edition Supersedes AWS A5.9/A5.9M:2012 Prepared by the American Welding Society (AWS) A5 Committee on Filler Metals and Allied Materials Under the Direction of the AWS Technical Activities Committee

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IUM GRADE 7 WIRE STRAIGHT LENGTH. AWS A5.16 ERTI-7. Diameter Length; 0.062:36 0.093:36 0.125:36 Note:36 Standard length Other lengths available upon request WeldingCity Mild Steel MIG Welding Wire ER70S-6 11-Lb Premium quality mild steel gas-shielding MIG welding wire ER70S-6 11-lb spool. Copper coated welding wire for GMAW welding process with shielding-gas CO2 or Ar/CO2 mixed gas. Conformed to AWS A5.18/ASME SF A5.18/ER70S-6; 11-lb net weight of welding wire; 8-in spool with 2-in center hole; spool wrapped in moisture-resistant plastic film.ER 307 welding wire - ER 308,309,310 Stainless steel ER 307 welding wire. Standard:AWS A 5.9. ER 307:with a significant amount of Manganese,making the deposit fully Austenitic.. Joining of Austenitic Stainless to CarbonSteels as well as 14% Manganese. Used to join Wear Plates and as a Buffer layerunder hard surfacing.